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From Beans to Botany – Unveiling the Wonders of Plant Biology at the White House Easter ‘EGGucation’ Roll

The White House Easter “EGGucation” Roll was held at the White House in Washington, D.C. on Monday, April 1st. Dr. Janeen Braynen and Ms. Audrey Fahey, both members of Dr. Doreen Ware’s lab at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, volunteered at the event as Ambassadors of the American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB).

2024 AgBioData Virtual Community Workshop, Apr 29-30, May 2

This year’s AgBioData community workshop will be held virtually for three-days from April 29-30 and on May 2 from 9-11 AM CDT.

ORISE/USDA-ARS Postdoctoral Scholar Opportunity in Barley and Sorghum Genomics and bioinformatics

The postdoc research will focus on comparative genomics and regulatory architecture in grasses, with a focus on barley and sorghum genetics, and pre-breeding projects, links to cold tolerance, grain quality and disease resistance.

Recent Research

Genome-Wide Association Mapping in Diverse Sorghum Germplasms Unveils Novel Genetic Loci for Agronomic, Root, and Stomatal Traits

Pilot-scale genome-wide association mapping in diverse sorghum germplasms uncovered 42 significant quantitative trait nucleotides (QTNs), revealing novel candidate genes influencing major agronomic, root, and stomatal traits such as plant height, dry biomass, and plant yield.

Unlocking Sorghum’s Defense Arsenal: Major Breakthrough in Anthracnose Resistance

Genetic architecture of anthracnose resistance genes (ARG4 and ARG5) shown to confer resistance in SAP135 and P9830. Susceptible varieties lack these genes through presence-absence variation and recessive alleles.

Exploring Sorghum bicolor’s MYB Gene Family: Unveiling the Secrets of SbMYBAS1 in Tackling Salt Stress

The study delves into the sorghum MYB gene family, underscoring the key role of SbMYBAS1 in negatively regulating salt tolerance through reduced ROS scavenging ability and K+ content.


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