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SorghumBase Present at the 2022 ASPB Conference: with Workshops, Posters and Talks

The Bioinformatics workshop included a SorghumBase talk by Janeen Braynen, a member of Doreen Ware’s lab at CSHL.

CSHL Biological Data Science meeting, Nov. 9 – Nov. 12, abstracts due Aug. 26/Oct. 1

CSHL to host Biological Data Science meeting on November 9 – 12, 2022. Abstracts for talks are due on August 26 and for posters on October 1.

SorghumBase release 4 is out with updated gene and transcript names and synonyms for BTx623

The SorghumBase Team is pleased to announce the 4th release of SorghumBase, which includes the genome assembly and annotation of the poplar tree, and updated gene and transcript names of the sorghum BTx623 reference models.

Recent Research

Physiological and Transcriptomic changes under Salt Stress in ‘Sodamchal’, a Korean Line of Sorghum

‘Sodamchal’, a line of Korean sorghum known for its salt sensitivity, was subjected to salt-stress. Physiological and transcriptomic changes were investigated to identify good candidates for stress indicators and candidate genes for the salt stress group.

Whole-genome sequencing of 400 Sorghum Association Panel (SAP) accessions establishes a crucial resource for dissecting genomic diversity in sorghum

Boatwright and coworkers generated about 44 million genetic variants in 400 SAP accessions using whole-genome sequencing.

Sorghum Gene Locus Confers Resistance to Colletotrichum sublineola and Other Fungi

Whole-genome resequencing of recombinant inbred lines (RILs) that were products of crosses between Colletotrichum sublineola (Cs)-resistant lines and Cs susceptible lines identified a locus that confers Cs resistance as well as resistance to other fungi.

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