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International Women’s Day – SorghumBase Highlights Early Career Scientists

In celebration of this important day, the SorghumBase team asked for self-identified, female early career scientists to tell us about their work.

SorghumBase at Maize Genomics Conference in St. Louis, MO, March 16-19

Members of the SorghumBase Team will be presenting at the 65th Annual Maize Genetics Conference, which is being held from March 16th to the 19th of 2023 in the St. Louis Union Station Hotel, St Louis MO.

Community Sorghum Marker Panel in Development

The SorghumBase team is pleased to share updates on its recent sorghum breeding initiatives in collaboration with researchers and breeders in the community.

Recent Research

Connection Between SbWRKY50 in Sorghum and Suppression of Chlorophyll Degradation and Leaf Senescence

Leaf senescence is the final stage of leaf development. During leaf senescence, nutrients accumulated in mature leaves are broken down and transported to reproductive organs or actively growing young tissues. This process causes reduced photosynthesis, which impacts yield to most

Identification of Marker-Trait Associations for Sorghum Aphid Resistance

Researchers used the Sorghum Association Panel (SAP), as well as some additional lines, to pinpoint new genomic regions connected to resistance to the sorghum aphid.

Molecular Analysis of the SbPht1 gene family and its Effect on Phosphate Absorption in Sorghum

Zhang et al. investigated the molecular features of nine SbPht1 genes that are expressed in response to phosphorus deficiency in sorghum and found that some of these genes are specifically involved in phosphorus uptake and transport in response to low-phosphorus stress.

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