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Sorghum and Millet workshop at PAG31 January 14

The Sorghum and Millet workshop will take place during next year’s Plant and Animal Genome Conference (PAG31 onJanuary 12-17, 2024) in San Diego, California on January 14th from 8:00 to 10:10 AM in the Pacific H-I conference room.

A Combined Method to Accelerate Genetic Gain in Maize

A combined method integrating crop growth models with whole-genome prediction was effective in identifying traits known to be connected to variations in yield.

International Year of Millets Webinar: “Fonio: enhancing collaboration for sustainable agriculture and improved livelihoods” on Nov. 29, 2024

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is hosting an “IYM Global Webinar Series” focusing on the environmental, social and economic benefits of millets, as well as their rich heritage, during the International Year of Millets (IYM2023). The sixth webinar in the series, “Fonio: enhancing collaboration for sustainable agriculture and improved livelihoods”, will take place on November 29th from 7:00 – 8:30 AM EST.

Sorghum Landraces Among Local Kenyan Farmers and ICRISAT Suggest Genetic Diversity That Can be Potentially Used to Develop New Varieties of Sorghum

Researchers in Kenya have examined the genetic diversity of local sorghum varieties, identifying adaptive traits and distinct subpopulations among samples from different sources, with implications for crop improvement in the face of climate change.

Combating Anthracnose Through Genetics: Sorghum F-Box Protein Induces Oxidative Burst Against Colletotrichum sublineola

F-box gene Sobic.005G172300 regulates ascorbic acid to boost plant defenses against Colletotrichum sublineola. Expression is upregulated in the resistant sorghum line SC110 shortly after infection.

Sorghum’s Response to Temperature Stress Varies with Genotype and Shifts Throughout the Day.

Sorghum accessions Macia (thermo-tolerant), SC224 (cold-tolerant), and RTx430 (heat-/cold-susceptible) respond to heat stress through gene regulation linked to the circadian clock. This linkage is stronger in the tolerant lines.

SICNA Oral Abstract Submission Deadline Extended

The abstract submission date has been extended for the Sorghum Improvement Conference of North America (SICNA), which is being held on April 2-4, 2024 in Oklahoma City, OK. Oral abstract submissions are now due November 13. The due date for

Unveiling Gene Expression Dynamics in Sorghum Accessions Upon SCA Infestation

Comparison of transcriptomes ofSCA-resistant line (SC265), SCA-susceptible line (SC1345) and an elite sorghum male parental line (RTx430) reveals differentially upregulated gene clusters.

Job Opening – PH.D Student at USDA-ARS Lubbock, TX and Texas Tech University – Sorghum Breeding and Genetics program

The sorghum breeding and genetics program at the Institute for Genomics of Crop Abiotic Stress Tolerance (IGCAST) at Texas Tech University is looking for a Ph.D Research Assistant.