Community Sorghum Marker Panel in Development

The SorghumBase team is pleased to share updates on its recent sorghum breeding initiatives in collaboration with researchers and breeders in the community.

During SICNA 2022 at Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, the Crop Germplasm Committee (CGC) recognized the need for a marker panel for the US sorghum community. In August 2022, the SorghumBase team coordinated with the Committee to help establish the CGC Genotyping Panel working group with members from academia, government, and industry. This working group is currently soliciting germplasms and markers for prototyping the panel. Please contact the SorghumBase team if you want to engage in this effort.

In addition, the working group is leading an effort to coordinate the community, improve standards, and facilitate partnerships with one or more potential service providers to establish affordable genotyping services for the sorghum community. Awareness of the general scope of needs is vital to inform decisions related to the design of any potential service offering. As a part of this effort, a survey targeting the community genotyping service needs was conducted over two rounds in November 2022. A summary of the survey report will be made available to the community in the near term.