CSI Seminar Dae Kwan Ko, March 5 at 11 AM CT

The Center for Sorghum Improvement (CSI) is hosting a virtual seminar given by Dae Kwan Ko, Assistant Professor – Fixed Term at Plant Research Laboratories at Michigan State University on Tuesday, March 5 at 11:00 AM CT. The title of his talk is “Network-Enhanced Gene Discovery Pipeline (NEEDLE) for Non-Model Plant Species.” In his talk, he will discuss the development of an innovative and streamlined workflow, named network-enabled gene discovery pipeline (NEEDLE), to address the issue of establishing regulatory relationships  in non-model plants. Establishing these relationships within a network context is a potent strategy for gene discovery, but in non-model plants, this endeavor is generally hampered by the lack of extensive multi-omics datasets to construct interconnected network maps. NEEDLE generates coexpression network modules simply using dynamic transcriptome datasets, quantifies gene connectivity, establishes network hierarchy, and conducts experimental tests on the transcriptional roles of predicted gene regulators. For information on this and future seminars visit the CSI seminar webpage.