Gordon Research Conference, Single-Cell Approaches in Plant Biology – July 30 – Aug. 4 in Ventura, CA

A Gordon Research Conference on Single-Cell Approaches in Plant Biology entitled “Understanding Functions and Behaviors of Individual Plant Cells in Space and Time” will take place from July 30th to August 4th in Ventura, California. The conference aims to bring together researchers from diverse areas to present new, unpublished research, and includes talks, posters and networking opportunities. Through sharing and integrating new technologies, scientists can gain new insights into the functional connections among diverse biomolecules, suggest new hypotheses for cellular functions and model cellular processes. The discussion leaders are Samuel Leiboff (Oregon State University), Marc Libault (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Benjamin Cole (DOE-Joint Genome Institute), David Ehrhardt (Carnegie Institution for Science / Stanford University, United States), R. Glen Uhrig (University of Alberta, Canada), Christopher Anderton (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), Margaret Frank (Cornell University, United States), Michelle Facette (University of Massachusetts, Amherst, United States), Jenn Brophy (Stanford University, United States) and Noah Fahlgren (Donald Danforth Plant Science Center).

Topics include:

  • Vision for the Plant Cell Atlas
  • Characterizing Plant Developmental Programs at the Single-Cell Level
  • Multiscale and Quantitative Imaging for Single Cells
  • Spatially Defining the Proteome Landscape in Plant Cells
  • Spatially Resolved Single Cell Metabolomics
  • Automating Phenotyping at Cellular, Organ, and Whole Organism Levels
  • Single Cell Comparative Plant Cell Biology and Evolution
  • Systems and Synthetic Biology Approaches for Enabling Single Cell Biology
  • Modeling and Data Integration for Knowledge Synthesis from Single Cell Datasets

Applications must be submitted by July 2 although the organizers recommend applying early as the meetings often are over-subscribed. For more information visit the conference web site.