Help us chart the future of agricultural data! – AgBioData RCN kick off meeting Sept 1st @ 1 pm ET

ATTENTION Researchers, Breeders, Database Providers, Funders, Editors, Students, Software Engineers, and other Scientists

Do you want easy access to better quality data? We are THRILLED to announce that AgBioData ( has received a three-year NSF Research Coordination Networks (RCN) award to expand our community committed to improving quality and access to agricultural data. New activities will include organizing workshops, establishing new working groups, and developing FAIR curriculum for scientists. We are expanding the consortium and welcome new members, especially students, post-docs, big-data scientists, funding agency scientists and members of the scientific publishing community interested in solving common FAIR data issues.

We invite all of you to an important kickoff All-Hands Meeting on Sept 1st at 10 am PDT (find your local time). At this meeting you will hear about our RCN objectives, the benefits of joining AgBioData, and how YOU can make a difference in the biological data environment for years to come. Please pre-register for this meeting.

We are also hiring a scientist to coordinate AgBioData activities, outreach and curriculum development. Please help us publicize this opportunity! Applications should be submitted by August 31.

Thank you!

The AgBioData Steering Committee:

Monica Poelchau, Sook Jung, Ethy Cannon, Jacqueline Campbell, Lisa Harper, Leonore Reiser, Marcela K. Tello-Ruiz, Laurel Cooper, Eva Hula, Meg Staton, and Darwin Campbell

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