Sorghum and Millet Crop Germplasm Committee (CGC) meeting at SICNA

The SICNA meeting will be held from March 28th to March 30th at at the Hyatt Regency in Dallas-Fort Worth.  The Sorghum and Millet Crop Germplasm Committees (CGC) meeting will be held on the first day of the meeting, March 28th, from 3:00-5:00 PM.  The tentative agenda for the meeting is as follows:
     Sorghum and Millet CGC Meeting 2022
     3:00 PM- Welcome (Introduction to CGC) – Hugo Cuevas
     3:15 PM – Report about the Sorghum and Millet Germplasm collection – Melanie Harrison
     3:45 PM – Update on Sorghum base – Doreen Ware
     4:15 PM – Open for discussion
Additional information about the meeting will be shared at the end of February. Hugo Cuevas ( is the chair and point of contact for questions about this event.