SorghumBase at ASPB Plant Biology 2023

A Bioinformatics Workshop will be held on Sunday, August 6 at 11:30 at the American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB) Plant Biology 2023 Conference, Meeting Room 201/202. The workshop will introduce and update scientists on digital bioinformatics resources such as community databases, data repositories, online bioinformatics tools and knowledge bases that provide equitable access to structured, integrated data and analytic tools. Nick Gladman, a member of the Ware Lab at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, will give a presentation on SorghumBase during the workshop entitled “SorghumBase: Public Genetic and Genomic Database for the Sorghum Community.”

In addition, Janeen Braynen, from CSHL, will present a talk titled “Regulatory Networks Governing Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Maize and Sorghum” on Tuesday, August 8 at 2:05, Meeting Room 102-103. The talk will focus on functional conservation of transcription factors regulating genes involved in Nitrogen pathways and efforts to prioritize genes based on differential expression under limiting Nitrogen conditions.

Posters to be presented by Ware Lab members include:

  • Gramene 2023: A comparative resource on plant reference genomes, pan genomes and plant reactome pathways. (#500-08), Janeen Braynen, CSHL
  • SorghumBase: Public Genetic and Genomic Database for the Sorghum Community (#700-09), Nick Gladman, USDA-ARS and CSHL
  • DAP-seq Supplements and Informs Functional Studies of Transcription Factors (#800-56), Audrey Fahey, CSHL
  • Regulatory Networks Governing Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Maize and Sorghum (#500-24), Janeen Braynen, CSHL
  • Genome-wide Transcriptomic Analysis of Poplar and Sorghum under Iron and Zinc stress (#1100-19), Sunita Kumari, CSHL
  • GRAS Family Transcription Factor Binding Behaviors in Sorghum bicolor and Other Monocots (#800-64), Nick Gladman, USDA-ARS and CSHL

For more information about the meeting, visit the ASPB Plant Biology 2023 conference website.