SorghumBase at Maize Genomics Conference in St. Louis, MO, March 16-19

Members of the SorghumBase Team will be presenting at the 65th Annual Maize Genetics Conference, which is being held from March 16th to the 19th of 2023 in the St. Louis Union Station Hotel, St Louis MO. The conference offers researchers the opportunity to attend talks in genetics and plant biology given by renowned scientists, learn the most current scientific and technical advances in maize genetics, as well as to present their latest research with a poster or oral presentation and network with others interested in maize research. Nicholas Gladman from the USDA-ARS and CSHL will present his talk “Direct and Predicted Motif Analysis of GRAS Family Transcription Factors in Sorghum and Other Important Crop Species” on Sunday, March 19 at 11:10, during session 11 “Regulating Genes and Genomes.” The talk will focus on identifying genomic targets of important transcription factors from the GRAS family proteins, which have roles in plant development and environmental response. Janeen Braynen from CSHL will also present a poster entitled “Regulatory Networks Governing Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Maize and Sorghum.”

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For more information about the meeting, visit the Maize Genomics Conference website.