AG2PI Workshop, Combined GWAS and TWAS using SVEN, May 17

The Agricultural Genome to Phenome Initiative (AG2PI) is hosting a virtual workshop titled, “Combined GWAS and TWAS using SVEN,” on Friday May 17, 2024 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM (US Central Time).

AG2PI Virtual Field Day: “Digital Tools for Agriculture Research – AG2PI “Coconut” Grant Outcomes” on Apr. 24, 2024

The Agricultural Genome to Phenome Initiative (AG2PI) is hosting a virtual field day entitled “Digital Tools for Agriculture Research – AG2PI “Coconut” Grant Outcomes” on April 24 from 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM CT.

CSI Seminar Brian Rice, April 23 at 11 AM CT

The Center for Sorghum Improvement (CSI) is hosting a virtual seminar given by Brian Rice, Assistant Professor, Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, University of Nebraska–Lincoln on Tuesday, April 23 at 11:00 AM CT.

Job Opening – National Program Leader for USDA-ARS National Plant Germplasm System in Beltsville, Maryland

In this position, you will be providing leadership and direction to the ARS National Plant Germplasm System, comprising plant genetic resource management, genetic enhancement and applied research programs related to plant genetic resource conservation and sustainable use of 200+ crops from 16,000+ species.

From Beans to Botany – Unveiling the Wonders of Plant Biology at the White House Easter ‘EGGucation’ Roll

The White House Easter “EGGucation” Roll was held at the White House in Washington, D.C. on Monday, April 1st. Dr. Janeen Braynen and Ms. Audrey Fahey, both members of Dr. Doreen Ware’s lab at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, volunteered at the event as Ambassadors of the American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB).

2024 AgBioData Virtual Community Workshop, Apr 29-30, May 2

This year’s AgBioData community workshop will be held virtually for three-days from April 29-30 and on May 2 from 9-11 AM CDT.

ORISE/USDA-ARS Postdoctoral Scholar Opportunity in Barley and Sorghum Genomics and bioinformatics

The postdoc research will focus on comparative genomics and regulatory architecture in grasses, with a focus on barley and sorghum genetics, and pre-breeding projects, links to cold tolerance, grain quality and disease resistance.

Exciting Updates in SorghumBase 7.0: Empowering Sorghum Genomics Research

We’re thrilled to announce the latest release of SorghumBase, version 7.0, packed with exciting features and invaluable data to fuel sorghum genomics research worldwide. As a USDA-ARS funded resource, SorghumBase has been a cornerstone for the sorghum research community since its public release in 2021. With each iteration, we strive to enhance user experience, expand data offerings, and foster collaboration within the community.

SorghumBase Team at SICNA 2024 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, April 2-4, 2024

The Sorghum Improvement Conference of North America (SICNA) is being held on April 2-4, 2024 in Oklahoma City, OK. A SorghumBase workshop will take place on Tuesday, April 2nd from 3:45-5:00 p.m. in Green Country and will include the following