Conserved Drought Responses and Gene Expression in Sorghum and Maize

A predictive model was developed to classify drought responsive genes in sorghum across development, genotype and stress severity. This sorghum trained model was applied to maize that detected a core set of drought-responsive genes across diverse sorghum and maize genotypes which are conserved and associated with abiotic stress response pathways.

Review of the Current Research and Future Avenues for Discovery into C4 Plants

Recent studies into the function of trehalose 6-phosphate (Tre6P) in C4 plants warrant further research into the molecular mechanisms involved in Tre6P regulation of carbon partitioning and metabolism in these crops for increased grain yield and food production.

Overexpressing Rieske FeS in Transgenic Sorghum Crops Results in Greater Biomass and Grain Production

Increasing Rieske FeS protein abundance in sorghum can lead to greater biomass and grain production, making it a good target for improving productivity in warm climates.

Epicuticular Wax and Anthracnose Resistance in Sorghum

Study sheds light on the role of epicuticular wax in regulating disease response.

Ethiopian Sorghum Landraces Provide Novel Genetic Sources for Drought Tolerance

A study of seven traits in 320 Ethiopian landraces and four improved varieties suggests chlorophyll content is an ideal trait to select for in a breeding program. Several landraces outperformed the improved varieties.

Growth and Salt Tolerance Negatively correlated with Expression of Transcription factor SbMYBHv33

A sorghum MYB transcription factor was studied under salt stress conditions. Overexpression reduces biomass accumulation and salinity tolerance, while loss of function leads to longer roots and increased salt tolerance.

SbPho2, Phosphorus Starvation Signaling Gene, Identified in Sorghum and Shown to be Involved in Regulating the Uptake of Multiple Nutrients

Sorghum mutant, sbpho2, exhibits leaf necrosis and short roots, and is likely involved in phosphate accumulation and root architecture alteration.

Composition of Starch Polymers in Waxy, Sweet, and Hybrid Sorghum

Kang et. al., study the relationship between fine structure and the physicochemical properties of starch in sweet and waxy inbreds and hybrid sorghum

ANTHRACNOSE RESISTANCE GENE 2 Imparts Fungal Resistance Without Negatively Affecting Plant Growth

Using genetic mapping and sequence comparisons, Mewa et al. identified a single ANTHRACNOSE RESISTANCE GENE 2 (ARG2) in SC328C, which encodes a nucleotide-binding leucine-rich repeat (NLR) protein that produces resistance to certain Cs strains.