Sorghum Marker Panel Update

Sorghum researchers and breeders are invited to participate in the validation phase of a Sorghum SNP array as a part of the community sorghum marker panel development initiatives that SorghumBase is helping coordinate.

SorghumBase is coordinating with Agriplex Genomics the development of a mid-density sorghum SNP marker panel for US domestic use. At this stage, the primer design for a ~3400 SNP array is complete, and the corresponding primers are currently in synthesis. We are moving forward to conduct the experimental validation of the multiplex.

Experimental validation is needed to establish the multiplex and optimize the assay conditions, and to train the analysis software. For an effective validation, the samples used should capture the breadth of genetic variation of the crop, the wider and more varied the better. All domestic sorghum breeders and researchers in academia, industry and government are welcome to participate in this program.

For interested parties who intend to use the panel and will need to screen lines across the selected markers to establish polymorphisms, the deadline for submission of samples (preferably fresh leaf punches) to Agriplex was extended to early July. This would allow Agriplex to simultaneously validate the SNP panel and complete initial germplasm screens for the submitters. In return, Agriplex would like to receive feedback on the markers which are most important for the parties germplasm to help finalize the ~1000 markers that would be released in the commercial product.

The participants will benefit from a special price of $960 per 96-well plate during the course of this program and are requested to fill out a mandatory survey. It is most important for us to know the number of samples participants plan to send, as SorghumBase will support them with all the submission details and required plasticware (96-well plates and caps).