What’s coming in SorghumBase Release 3?

SorghumBase release 3 is expected in March 2022. The major update will be an expansion of genetic variation data, a modest increase in relevant sorghum papers in our Publications database, and an improved look and feel of the website, chief of which is our Events page.

Release 3 will focus on new and updated genetic variation data sets. The data sets consist of over 17 million variants including naturally occurring SNPs and chemically induced point mutations.


New Data

  • Lozano et al (2021) – Nearly 13 million naturally occurring SNPs in 499 sorghum accessions (includes 14 duplicate samples). Included are accessions from the TERRA-MEPP and TERRA-REF population panels, and lines previously genotyped by Mace et al (2013).
  • Addo-Quaye et al (2018) – Over 2.6 million point mutations identified in 486 sorghum accessions corresponding to the M3 generation of an EMS-mutagenized sorghum population.


Updated Data

  • Jiao et al (2016) – Over 1.7 million EMS-induced mutations recalled in 252 M4 mutant pools.