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The European Variation Archive’s third release is out with 1.2 billion variant loci in 227 species

The European Variation Archive (EVA) Team announced the third clustered variants release (RS Release 3) from the EVA consisting of 1.2 billion variant loci in 227 species, including sorghum. This is the first release where the EVA is publishing all

A user guide for the SorghumBase database is available

Review our new quick user guide for exploring the Sorghum PanGenome

SICNA 2022

The 2022 Sorghum Improvement Conference of North America (SICNA) will be held on March 28-30 of 2022 in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Sorghum and Millet Crop Germplasm Committee (CGC) meeting at SICNA

The Sorghum and Millet CGC Meeting is being held on March 28th from 3:00-5:00 PM at Dallas, Texas.

What’s coming in SorghumBase Release 3?

SorghumBase release 3 is expected in March 2022 with an expansion of genetic variation data.

Planta publication describing SorghumBase

Gladman and colleagues describe SorghumBase, an open access community portal focused on sorghum genomic and genetic resources.

SorghumBase release 2 is out with 13 new sorghum genomes

The release provides access to 13 new sorghum varieties (Tao et al, 2021), for a total of 18 sorghum reference genomes, and 6 other species to support phylogenetic analyses, and cross-species comparisons.

Help us chart the future of agricultural data! – AgBioData RCN kick off meeting Sept 1st @ 1 pm ET

The AgBioData RCN kick off meeting is on Sept 1st at 1 pm ET.