Unraveling the Genetic Basis of Sorghum Plant Color: Insights into Phenotypic Traits and Fungal Resistance

Researchers investigated the genetic basis of sorghum plant color, revealing complex interactions between multiple loci and candidate genes associated with phenotypic traits and fungal resistance.

Deciphering the Molecular Landscape of Bioenergy Sorghum Stems: Insights from Cell-Type-Specific Transcriptomics and Regulatory Networks

Fu et al. utilize laser capture microdissection to dissect and analyze transcriptomes from distinct cell types in bioenergy sorghum stems, revealing intricate gene regulatory networks and molecular mechanisms governing stem development and secondary cell wall formation.

Genome-wide Exploration of Greenbug-Inducible NAC Transcription Factors Unveils Insights into Sorghum Defense Mechanisms

A comprehensive analysis identified 112 Sorghum NAC genes, characterized their phylogenetic distribution and structural diversity, and uncovered nine greenbug-inducible SbNAC genes, shedding light on their potential roles in sorghum defense against aphids.

HPC-GVCW: Accelerating SNP Detection in Major Crops through High-Performance Computing and Parallelized Workflows

HPC-GVCW offers a high-performance computing-based workflow for rapid SNP detection in major crops, significantly reducing execution times and facilitating the exploration of genetic diversity essential for molecular-assisted selection breeding programs.

Unveiling Conservation in Plant Extracellular Vesicle Proteomes: A Sorghum and Arabidopsis Study

This study on Sorghum bicolor and Arabidopsis thaliana extracellular vesicles reveals partial conservation in protein content, providing crucial insights into the dynamic nature of intercellular communication and defense responses in plant cells.

Enhancing Accuracy in Plant RNA-Seq Analysis Through Spike-in Normalization

Spike-in normalization improves the accuracy and reliability of differential gene expression analysis in plant RNA-Seq experiments, particularly under conditions where experimental factors significantly influence gene expression dynamics.

Genome-Wide Association Mapping in Diverse Sorghum Germplasms Unveils Novel Genetic Loci for Agronomic, Root, and Stomatal Traits

Pilot-scale genome-wide association mapping in diverse sorghum germplasms uncovered 42 significant quantitative trait nucleotides (QTNs), revealing novel candidate genes influencing major agronomic, root, and stomatal traits such as plant height, dry biomass, and plant yield.

Unlocking Sorghum’s Defense Arsenal: Major Breakthrough in Anthracnose Resistance

Genetic architecture of anthracnose resistance genes (ARG4 and ARG5) shown to confer resistance in SAP135 and P9830. Susceptible varieties lack these genes through presence-absence variation and recessive alleles.

Exploring Sorghum bicolor’s MYB Gene Family: Unveiling the Secrets of SbMYBAS1 in Tackling Salt Stress

The study delves into the sorghum MYB gene family, underscoring the key role of SbMYBAS1 in negatively regulating salt tolerance through reduced ROS scavenging ability and K+ content.